Pre & post cohort - LAX hotel information


october 21-26 | 2018

If you are flying in to LAX (or driving to California) [and] you communicated to us that you needed lodging immediately before or after your stay with us - below you will find your Hotel Room reservation number, instructions on getting to the hotel after you arrive in LA, and other miscellaneous information.

Also, if you have made arrangements with us to be retrieved from the hotel - even if you are not staying there, the information below will be helpful.

Please SAVE the email that brought you to this page in case you need it again.

hotel logistics before & after your week with us at saw

1.  If you are driving to the hotel, the address is further down on this page along with a Google Map link you can use for directions.  In addition to the room - SAW pays for parking (if you have a vehicle) for no more than 1 night.  It is in our contract with this hotel and on the payment instructions on file at the front desk.

2.  If you are flying to LAX, determine your terminal number at baggage claim once you land.  This is easily determined by stepping outside and looking up at the numbers.

3.  If need be, call the hotel at 310-337-2800 and advise them you are a guest and need the shuttle to pick you up.

4.  At the top of this page is a photo of what the Shuttle looks like (actual).  They have a few of them them that look like this and they stop outside baggage claim at the appropriate spot for hotel shuttles (green signage is visible).  The shuttle services a couple of Marriott properties right near each other.  Make sure you get off at the Renaissance.  The entrance looks like this:


5.  When you arrive at the hotel, give the folks at the front desk your name and reservation number (listed below).

6.  Call or text me at 213-479-2485 and let me know your room number.

The hotel is paid for.  Be prepared to provide a credit/debit card number for incidentals.  If for some odd reason they are looking to charge you for the room, CALL ME IMMEDIATELY.  We have payment on file at this hotel, but just in case the front desk personnel miss that detail in their system.

There is a restaurant in this hotel.  Prices are typical hotel prices (a little higher).  Ask the front desk for recommendations if you want to leave the hotel for food. I recommend staying at the hotel.

Those staying at the hotel prior to the beginning of your Cohort on Sunday - food may be at your expense until 1530 on Sunday afternoon (day zero of your Cohort).  We will take care of all food (and lodging) from 1530 Sunday until after dinner on Friday night - the last day of your Cohort.

Check in 10-20 / Out 10-21

Reservation #:  77441634 - Justin Miller / John Tiegen

Reservation #:  77436187 - Dan Borchard / J. Newcomb

Check in 10-26 / OUT 10-27

Reservation #:  77445569 - Justin Miller / John Tiegen

Reservation #:  77450214 - Brandon Tennery / Justin Hood

Reservation #:  77452940 - Dan Borchard / Cory Ramsey

Those staying at the hotel the last night of your Cohort will be transported here by SAW personnel.  The procedures to check-in are the same as #5 above.  They already have your names and reservation numbers and the next day, you can take the hotel shuttle to your terminal at the airport.  Too easy.

Renaissance Los Angeles Airport

The address below is a link to Google Maps (if needed) and opens in a new window in your browser.

9620 Airport Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045


Respectfully, I ask that you reply to the email that brought you to this page to verify you received this information.  If you have any questions, please call me and I look forward to seeing you and more importantly; very excited you "answered the call" to come to SAW and put the wheels back on the tracks.

Honored to Serve,

Brian Hagerty 213-479-2485 & The entire Save A Warrior Team