cohort 055  |  malibu, ca

June 3 - 8  |  2018

Warriors of Cohort 055:

This is your Official Invitation to your Cohort you have been planning for.  Your Official Invitation Letter (OIL) is available near the end of this message.


Everything else you need to make a decision is located on this website and in the Invitation Letter.  This will be an amazing week and I promise you will never EVER forget it.  SAW will be in touch with all of you personally once you Register (and) provide your Travel Plans.


FLYING TO california

If you are flying to California, you must arrange and are responsible for your airline ticket to and from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

ARRIVAL:  Schedule your Arrival to LAX at or before 1000 hrs. - June 3

DEPARTURE:  Schedule your Departure from LAX at or after 2130 hrs. - June 8

Let us know, asap, if you are unable to adhere to this recommended flight schedule.

Upon arrival at LAX (unless advised otherwise) make your way to the USO between Terminals 1 and 2 and across the street.  It is clearly marked and open 24 hours.  A SAW representative will contact you and pick you up from there.

Bob Hope USO  |  203 World Way West, Suite 200  |  Los Angeles, CA 90045  |  (310) 645-3716


Arrive before 1100 hrs. - June 3

meet location

Graziadio Executive Center  |  Heroes Garden  |  Pepperdine University  |  Malibu, CA  |  34.0464419, -118.7150387

To print directions, click on the Google Map of SAW Meet Location button below.  Click on the "Directions" icon and enter your starting address.  You may also use this custom map while driving as long as you use Google Maps.

Additionally, you may click on the button below to view directions on the Graziadio Executive Center website.  The Executive Center is adjacent to Heroes Garden.  You can't miss it.

Reminder:  All links on this page are best viewed on a regular computer or laptop.

SAW goes LIVE at 1200 hrs. sharp on Sunday and will conclude at 1730 on Friday.  Do not leave before the closing ceremony.  You do not want to miss this experience.

official invitation letter (oil)

Download, Save, and Print the OIL.  Please read it and take notice of the last page titled: THREE BOOKS THAT WILL ENHANCE & ENRICH YOUR PROJECT EXPERIENCE.  We spoke of 2 of them already that we reccomend you read (or listen to on audio) prior to coming to SAW.  This document is 5 pages and also includes a packing list.

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Do you accept this invitation? *

registration form

You must register regardless if you are driving or flying.  Your registration is your confirmation you will be attending and helps us in our planning for your arrival, transportation, and stay with us.

If you are flying, you must have your flight information prior to registering.  If you are driving, you may register now.

Clicking the registration button below will open another tab in your browser and display the form.  The form was created internally, within SAW, through our secure Google for Non-profits Account.

Are you unable to attend or have questions?  Reply to the email that brought you to this page or call Brian at 213-479-2485


Q:  I am unable to view this page very well on my smart phone.

A:  This page is best viewed on a regular computer or laptop.  Some of the links potentially will not work on a smart phone or tablet.

Q:  I am unable to open the links on this website.  What do I do?

A:  If you are attempting to open and read this email from a government or corporate email address; you may have problems due to your organizations security settings.  From your personal email address - email - requesting the Official Invitation email be resent to your personal email address.

Q:  There are no returning flights to my area after 2130 hrs. on the last day of the Cohort.  What do I do?

A:  Email me immediately and I will advise next steps.

Q:  Once I land at LAX, what do I do next?

A:  Call or text the SAW representative assisting you to let them know you arrived, grab your luggage, and make your way to the USO.  You will know prior to your departure for California who your POC will be (or) you will have a text message or voicemail waiting for you on your cell phone when you land.

Q:  How do I get from LAX/USO to SAW?

A:  We will pick you up from LAX/USO and transport you to SAW, unless you have informed us otherwise in your Registration Form.

Q:  How do I get back to LAX at the end of the week?

A:  We will transport you to LAX for your return flight home.

Q:  I have friends or relatives in the Los Angeles area.  Can they handle my transportation to and from SAW?

A:  Yes.  This happens all the time.  We just need to know so we do not make plans for your transportation.  These questions are part of the Registration Form.

Q:  How much will it cost me to fly to Los Angeles?

A:  We have found that Google Flights is an excellent resource for determining cost.

Q:  After I reserve my flight, do I email my flight information to SAW?

A:  No, you will provide this information in the Registration Form.

Q:  I have questions not addressed on this page.  Who do I contact?

A:  If the information is not in the very informative Official Invitation Letter (OIL), email

Are you unable to attend or have questions?  call Brian at 213-479-2485