June 3 - 8  |  2018

We are right around the corner from the start of your Cohort.  How cool is that?  All of us very much look forward to hosting you in Malibu, CA.  The information below is an important read and requires your brief attention by answering 1 question at the end.


Please read everything on this page....twice.  A couple weeks ago, you received and should have read your Official Invitation Letter (aka: the OIL), and completed the Registration Form.

For those of you who have not had a chance to read/complete same, your OIL and/or registration links are accessible here.  If you already registered, you do not need to register again:

For your safety, and for our liability, Save A Warrior is a 24/7 alcohol-free event.  Think DRY WOOD, gentlemen.  If you feel you cannot safely honor this request, we have outside detox and recovery resources available to support you -- at no cost to you.  If you are currently addicted to prescription or nonprescription drugs, or narcotics… we can fully support your detox and recovery; however, not during the Project, and we respectfully ask that you be willing to share this with us at the earliest possible opportunity.  You will be neither judged, nor criticized… only supported.


We welcome your arrival to Malibu, CA and what we assert will be the best week of your life!

If necessary, CLICK HERE to view and/or refresh your memory of travel information to California (flying or driving).

We do NOT delay the start of Save A Warrior for any reason.  It is better to be an hour early versus five minutes late.

Your Cohort goes “LIVE” at 1200 hours sharp on June 3, 2018.

Your Cohort "COMPLETES" on Friday, June 8, 2018 at approximately 1730 hours.  Plan your departure accordingly and in accordance with your Official Invitation Letter/Email previously received.

SAW will emphasize, "Stay Together, Move Together, Learn Together, Grow Together".

You will make lifelong friendships from your Cohort.  Save A Warrior is a "rank blind" environment where everyone is addressed by their first name, and always treated respectfully.  I will also be on the ground for your 5.5 day journey and look forward to our shared experience of 'parallel processing'.

Packing:  Think of this as "Outdoor Adventure Training" (though it is not); bring 'airy' and loose-fitting comfortable clothing and some sturdy hiking-style or combat boots; some tennis shoes you don't mind getting dirty; utility pants, fatigues, cammies and long/short sleeve t-shirts.  In other words, be comfy and bring some close-toed shoes.  It could get windy and chilly in the evening so bring a hooded sweatshirt or sweater, pack a waterproof/resistant jacket.

We will not have time for laundry, so pack accordingly.  Bring toiletries. We will supply shampoo, soap, linens, and towels.  Please bring everything else.

Full Value Commitment:  We want you to experience and take away everything you came for, everything our team has to offer you.  Save A Warrior is a spiritual initiation that is a combination of metaphor and paradox; SAW is really a process of SUBTRACTION... not addition and will simply support you in taking away/leaving behind everything that is not you.

We also want you to be aware that Save A Warrior is a judgment free zone where we 'Protect the Respect'; that you will be met with Unconditional Positive Regard; that our 'Full Value Commitment' requires the following respectful requests on your part:

Be here; Be safe in word and in actions; Set goals; Speak your truth; Let go and move on.  We will assist in showing you how.

It is worth noting that over the past five years, not one ugly word has ever been exchanged between any Project attendees, or our team of facilitators...NOT ONE!  Please do everything you can to continue this beautiful tradition.  I will cover more on this during icebreakers and my briefing regarding 'Protect the Respect'.

War Stories: A consensus has emerged among the seasoned Shepherds, and Save A  Warrior Alumni, that the telling and retelling of 'war stories' is not productive.  We absolutely encourage you to share with one another where you served, the units you deployed with and when; that's all part of your own personal 'ice breaking' with one another.  However, we further encourage you to share that which is relevant about your 'story' during the trauma processing portion; however, Warriors come to SAW to heal -- and come home.  As such, we invite and encourage you to come to SAW to learn to tell a new story.  This, we believe, is a powerful way to move forward in life.  More on this on day zero during icebreakers.

With respect to the past, we cannot redo anything that happened, or failed to happen.  It's time to pick up and move forward...together.  It’s okay to look back at it, but don't stare.  Please do not sit around with the precious time you have here and compare stories with each other; rather, get to know your brother Warriors on a more personal level.  Time flies by here, and you'll regret not having done so.  So stretch yourself a bit and be mindful of what you're saying.  When you depart Malibu and are communicating regularly with your Cohort regarding life's won't be about 'war stories'; it will be about real life issues you are facing and/or collectively trying to solve.  Expect SAW Facilitators to cover this more in depth during the week.

Remember gentlemen: this is your life, and we take this work -- and your life -- very seriously; take your time, and play like your life depends on it.

Tobacco Products: Please refrain from using any tobacco products when training is 'Live'.  Let's all agree to police up after ourselves, and keep us mindful of smoke breaks.  Please use tobacco products responsibly, and only during designated break times.  The training just works better that way.

If by the second or third day your living area looks like a bag of luggage exploded inside of it, we will kindly and politely ask you to tidy up after yourself.  Please don't take this personally, as we'd like to be invited back to our base camp to support our fellow Warriors.

Black Hole Zone: Kindly refrain from using your cellphone, or texting, when training is "LIVE".  Commit to leaving your cell phone in your room during your training and get caught up at night.  You're here, not there.  BE here -- not there !!!

We respectfully ask that you inform your friends and families that the work you are doing is very intense and requires your full time and attention; that your very life may depend on it; again, SAW just works better that way.  To that end, we ask that you restrict your cell phone/texting until after each day's training.  Should you require special accommodation, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Weather:  CLICK HERE for the current weather forecast in Malibu.  Pack your clothing accordingly.  Reminder; it can be chilly/windy at times, especially in the evening.  Also, bring soft earplugs in case you roommate snores.  There are two men to a room here at SAW.

The key for this entire week is to remain flexible.  Consider leaving a little bit of room for the mystery of SAW to unfold before you; everyone of you will have different takeaways.  We want you to extract the most value you can from your week with us.

Note: we assert that you will not be the first -- or the last -- Warrior to walk away from this work telling us this week may have saved your life.  Think about the gravity of that statement... because presently, about 90% of all SAW attendees have uttered similar words.  The work is that powerful, and meaningful, if you have the openness and capacity to allow it to be - know that you deserve to have this experience.

Please remember our four (4) requests: Open mind, Open heart, Good student....Pay It Forward

Know that we will always give you a quick morning briefing of that day's activities and/or changes to the training schedule.  Again, please remain flexible.

We will assemble and email you a copy of your Cohorts Contact Roster upon completion of your week.

Let us know if you have any questions.  We all are very excited to host and to serve you.  Save A Warrior was designed with you -- the Warrior -- in mind.  A tremendous amount of planning, resource and sacrifice has gone into this week -- for you.  Consider SAW a gift.

Know that your comfort, safety and enjoyment are in the forefront of our minds; and know that we will all learn as we go; that your patience and understanding will improve SAW for future Cohorts to follow.

Lastly:  whatever you not depart until after receiving your stone!!!  I assure you, you do not want to miss out on this culminating ceremony.  Prior attendees and I will talk more about this during the intro briefing.

Please answer the following question, reaffirming you have already registered for and will be attending Cohort 054, Malibu from June 3-8, 2018.

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Honored to Serve,

The entire Save A Warrior Team

Are you unable to attend or have questions?  please respond to the email.