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Save A Warrior™


Save A Warrior™

Save A Warrior Saved My Life !

Save A Warrior believes in challenging conventional thinking. The way we challenge the idea of suicide is so novel and so inspiring, it connects the lives of all who are transformed from sharing in this experience. Since 2012, those who complete Save A Warrior exclaim how our "unique approach to ordinary"... saved their life. We are grateful for your generosity which made the difference; perhaps a lifesaving difference.

Save A Warrior is an original, Warrior-led, well-grounded and timeless journey for active duty military, returning veterans and first responders who feel desperately alone. Give us a week and you will change the way you see - and live - your life.

We provide counseling services in the fields of mental health and wellness, suicide prevention and post-traumatic stress to veterans, military personnel, police, firefighters and other first responders. Please contact us for more details.

To expand on what it is that Save A Warrior offers is that we provide an alternative, warrior-led, holistic service that equips veterans, military personnel, police, firefighters and other first responders with a community of support and effective techniques to overcome the symptoms associated with post-traumatic stress and suicidal ideations.


WHY We Do What We DO

There are parts of ourselves that the traditional medical model is not equipped to heal or nourish, adding to our suffering. In ancient times, tribes understood that Warriors returning from battle required emotional and spiritual support to harmoniously reintegrate back into society. Everyone, from the wisest village elder to the common man understood, accepted and embraced these truths which, today, seem further and further from reality. Authentic cultures carried these principles for thousands of years - until they were lost. We NOW invite Warriors to revisit these "lost" homecoming experiences. To make this journey possible, we had to push the boundaries of the healing arts. By combining historical rituals and ceremonies with contemporary innovations, we witness astonishing results. Through the timeless art form of storytelling and story listening, combined with well-grounded instruction informing solid, "daily practices", Warriors encounter a sense of being simultaneously present... and vitally alive. Some liken what we do to The Hero's Journey. We simply call this "SAW".  


Everyone loves a great story, and the Warrior culture has thousands of them. Historic epics, timeless literary classics, and mythological folklore makeup our "Unknown World" where the ancient comes to life. The power of these archetypes and mythopoetic narratives are startling. Each SAW Cohort provides an extraordinary initiation and presents an opportunity to battle personal demons and find our way home. Packed with action, courage and humor, Warriors who complete this experience return with a healing "elixir": the POWER and the WISDOM to serve OTHERS. A perfect recipe for bringing to life the soul, facilitating personal growth and promoting long-term resilience. 

THE original Warrior-led SOLUTION

History shows that functionally novel innovations - those for which a protocol is not yet defined - tend to originate from those who are:

a) able to recognize and acknowledge their own limitations;

b) are humble enough to seek and ask for support; and

c) desperate enough to be willing to take direction.

Upon discovering a real solution, those who previously suffered now return with the power and wisdom to serve others.

Adopting this principle, Save A Warrior™ offers a solution unlike any other, a solution that applies novelty to situations that otherwise appear frozen; an original solution that now informs a dozen spinoff programs around the country, and as far away as Australia, touching countless lives; a solution that inspired two documentary feature films. A contemporary solution that Karl Marlantes, a decorated Warrior and bestselling author not only endorses, but one he wishes had been around when he returned from Vietnam nearly fifty years ago. A solution Marlantes writes and speaks about publicly, one Karl pleads for; a “war detox made manifest”.  A powerful, once-in-a-lifetime hero's journey where Warriors are shepherded through timeless rituals and ceremonies, culminating in an unforgettable return to the place we call home. An initiation of epic proportion proven to heal the heart and repair the soul.  We promise.

Real.  Original.  Novel...  Contemporary.™

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