Dear Alumni,

If you have encountered this page, it is because you have an interest in being a shepherd - - and that is an interest in paying it forward.  THANK YOU !

Due to an overwhelmingly high number of requests, the 2019 shepherd positions have been filled.  Looking forward, we do encourage you to keep an eye on your email, as sometime in the October/November time-frame, Mark Lema will send an email to all alumni indicating the 2020 shepherd application is open.  In 2020, SAW will require shepherd candidates to be 12 months removed from your cohort before you are ready to be considered for shepherding. Our experience has taught us that the time post-cohort, doing the bucket work, is needed to ensure the best experience for the new Warriors in the seat.

Do your bucket work, complete your SMART goal, meditate, read (or audio-books), and look for ways to be of service in your community.  When your SMART goal is complete, call two others who will hold you accountable and create your next SMART goal. Rinse. Repeat. You could even create and run a fundraiser in your local community where the beneficiary is Save A Warrior - to continue to help us help others.

Much love to all of you,

The SAW Staff