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We're Honored to be Honored


The TRIBE Program was announced as a winner at the Second Annual VA BrainTrust Pathways to InnoVAtion Event in Boston, selected out of 15 incredible presenters by a panel of experts, including the former Under Secretary of the Army, Patrick Murphy, and respected doctors and scholars. It means the "innovation" - TRIBE - will begin the process of sequencing and scaling for widespread implementation within the VA to not just solve the problem of Veteran suicide; rather, to begin to transform the condition of the Veteran population and their families. Many thanks to the Department of Veteran Affairs and all the sponsors for recognizing the value we bring to the larger conversation to end the epidemic of Warrior suicide. 


So What is TRIBE?

Transition - Renewal - Integration - Becoming - Empowerment

A program of Community Integration designed for Active Duty service members to, for the first time, properly transition from their Military Service to civilian life.

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Please check back for more information as we bring this program of empowerment, and true "freedom to live" to our Military service members and their families.


For in-depth information on TRIBE, take a look at the TRIBE White Paper !!!