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“Just Save One”

“In April of 2012, when my father was still alive, I shared with him an idea for solving the epidemic of Veteran suicide, an idea to connect with those who had lost all hope; an idea he admitted was novel and inspiring; an idea whose time had come. After listening to all of his fatherly concerns, after overcoming his objections as to why I shouldn’t commit my life to this cause, the Vietnam era Marine said to me,

‘You know, if YOU just save one… it will all be worth it.’

His words were music to my ears. Save A Warrior™ was born. Although the challenge is daunting, my dad was right. They are worth it. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.

Since that conversation of “just saving one,” hundreds now share how Save A Warrior™ saved their life. Just Save One is ideal for gifting something truly meaningful to someone who has already given so much for others: their LIFE! You can give them back their life!!!

Through Just Save One, you can provide a scholarship for ONE Warrior’s life-changing experience. Your tax deductible contribution includes an opportunity to connect with the life you touch, to learn firsthand the difference you made for them and their family. Only your generosity will provide the difference; perhaps a lifesaving difference.

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