Save A Warrior’s Story Is Compelling

As an epidemic of suicide among our Warriors sweeps the country, the medical model fails to make a large enough impact. Only 16% of Warriors undergoing treatment at the VA report that their methods are beneficial for their health, while an equal amount report feeling worse.

On the other hand, the new and innovative program developed by Save A Warrior demonstrates the ability to change the course of treatment for Post Traumatic Stress and save our nation’s Warriors.

An animated depiction of the transformation available for veterans and first responders at Save A Warrior. Produced by Robinson Reels Media Inc.

Eagle Rare is proud and honored to announce Ronald “Jake” Clark as the winner of the 2018 Rare Life Award.

Gray Construction proudly supports SAW.

“The War Comes Home” A documentary about SAW filmed in 2014 by Soledad O’Brien – Malibu, CA. Opens in Vimeo.

A film showing SAW as a solution to Veteran Suicide.

Hangout with Soledad O’Brien: The War Comes Home Q&A.

Founder Jake Clark shares his story.

Save A Warrior™ (SAW) Board Member Terry Scariot speaks with Kentucky Life host Doug Flynn about the lives that are being changed by this amazing program.

An overview of the suicide epidemic with Jake Clark.



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New Jersey Legionnaire Honors
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Published September 2017

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