EFFECTIVE July, 2022

Since 2012, Save A Warrior (SAW) has accepted applications from the First Responders from across the United States. Until this message is updated, SAW will not process applicants from non-Veteran First Responders outside of Ohio. SAW remains honored to have brothers and sisters from First Responder agencies across the US as part of the SAW Alumni Community.


Save A Warrior® is a Veterans Service Organization who serves sworn active duty personnel and military Veterans, First Responders who have served in the armed forces, and sworn, full-time First Responders from the State of Ohio who are struggling with symptoms related to Post Traumatic Stress (PTS). We are here to support and serve you.

Service in Iraq or Afghanistan is NOT required. Service in ground combat is NOT a requirement.  The only requirement is a desire to heal and a willingness to serve others still struggling with the effects of trauma.  Experience shows that Save A Warrior works best if you are willing to do “the Work” and commit to a daily practice that includes meditation and a life of service to others.

In the past, we have served:

  • Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans struggling with PTS
  • Warriors who experienced Military Sexual Trauma (MST)
  • Special Operations Forces, including: Navy SEALS, Delta Commandos, Green Berets, Army Rangers, Marine Force Recon, Air Force PJs, and Australian Commandos
  • WWII, Vietnam (1955-1975) and Gulf War (1990-1991) Veterans
  • Veterans of peacetime service who have experienced traumatic situations affecting their well being

Please know that Save A Warrior is a 24/7 alcohol and drug free program.  If you struggle with alcohol or drug use, we STRONGLY encourage you to begin recovery immediately, we can support your recovery journey from Substance Use Disorder (SUD).  If you desire to heal from Post Traumatic Stress our experience shows sobriety is critical.

Our experience shows that you can only heal from post-traumatic stress when you are willing to do “the work”, which means engaging in a daily practice of meditation, having a desire to be emotionally sober, and living a life where you focus on serving others.  Scientific research has proven that meditation can heal your brain, while alcohol and drug abuse prevent healing.  Currently we receive applications from far more warriors than we have the capacity to serve. If you want to get your life back and participate in this program, begin taking steps today to become sober.  As fellow warriors who have struggled to confront and overcome these challenges, we are sharing from our own collective experiences.


  • Do not fill out an application for someone else. The warrior must apply on their own. This program will not work unless the warrior is ready to change their life and is ready to take the necessary steps to heal.

  • Firearms, edged weapons, or other dangerous weapons are not allowed on the property. This is strictly enforced.

  • Fill out application only using a computer, NOT on a cell phone.


These are some really good folks to talk to. They are Warriors, like you.
They understand and they’ve been there. Call or click the image for Vets4Warriors.


They are a 24/7 confidential peer support network for veteran and military communities.


They provide immediate, free, and long-term peer support through confidential phone, chat, text, and email conversations to help those we serve live better lives.


They serve the entire military community, including anyone who has ever worn the uniform, as well as the family members and the caregivers who love and support them.

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