Our Purpose

Our team at Save A Warrior is dedicated to the prevention of veteran suicide and the preservation of life through the development and implementation of a groundbreaking, comprehensive program at our non-profit organization.

Drawing from a diverse array of disciplines—including neuroscience, depth psychology, mythology, sociology, ontology, biology, physics, linguistics, metaphysics, neurobiology, art, storytelling, science, psychology, and mindfulness—we have designed an intensive integrative intervention that addresses the complex and multifaceted nature of mental health and well-being.

Informed by the teachings of esteemed thought leaders such as Werner Erhard, Alan Watts, Dr. Bessell Van Der Kolk, Alice Miller, Bill Wilson, Pete Walker,  Marianne Williamson, and Daniel Kahneman, as well as the profound insights from “A Course in Miracles,” our program aims to empower participants by creating transformative distinctions that allow them to overcome their past traumas, integrate survival traits developed in response to childhood adversity, and boldly declare their authentic selves from a space of infinite possibility.

Our holistic approach, founded on evidence-based practices and an unwavering commitment to the human spirit, has garnered a remarkable 99.9% success rate. As the first and only National Center of Excellence for Complex Post Traumatic Stress, we stand as a beacon of hope and resilience for veterans and their families. By fostering profound, lasting change, we strive to eradicate the tragedy of veteran suicide and create a world where every individual is fully-supported in their journey towards healing and self-realization.


There are parts of ourselves the traditional medical model is not equipped to help or nourish, adding to our suffering. In ancient times, tribes understood those returning from “battle” required emotional and spiritual support to harmoniously reintegrate back into society. Drawing on these time-honored principles, SAW crafts an exceptionally transformative experience that accentuates the beauty and goodness inherent in each individual. In addressing the complex issue of suicide, we adopt a holistic approach, understanding that the road to resilience is akin to solving a multifaceted puzzle. Each piece – a unique facet of a person’s life – must be discovered and fit into a cohesive whole.

Without exception, SAW participants grapple with a loss of hope, rooted in the persistence of maladaptive survival traits developed during childhood trauma, which may have been inadvertently reinforced due to the delayed maturation of executive functions in the brain, typically reaching full capacity around age 26. To enable healing and reintegration, we invite warriors to re-experience these vital homecoming rituals that have been obscured by time. To facilitate this transformative journey, we transcend the boundaries of traditional healing arts, merging ancestral practices with contemporary innovations causing astonishing impacts. By incorporating the enduring art of storytelling and active listening, coupled with practical guidance to establish sustainable daily routines, SAW alums experience profound outcomes leading to a felt sense of presence and vitality. Some may characterize our approach as akin to The Hero’s Journey; we simply refer to it as “SAW”.



Veteran Suicides
Since 1979


Vietnam Veterans
Lost Since
Coming Home


Sought Treatment
for PTS


Iraq & Afghanistan
Veterans Suffer
From PTS

Grounded in the evidence-based practice of Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET), this intensive integrative intervention is both powerfully cathartic and deeply healing. NET, backed by a significant body of research including systematic reviews and meta-analyses, allows us to construct a chronological narrative of our life, exposing and integrating traumatic experiences into a new, powerful story.

This approach acknowledges the survival traits developed in response to traumatic experiences, traits which may no longer serve their purpose in our current life context. Through the re-telling and re-processing of these experiences, we are guided to integrate these survival traits into our life narrative, transforming them from sources of distress into symbols of grit and resilience.

The ultimate goal is not only to heal but also to empower. By confronting and integrating our past, we reclaim the narrative and boldly declare our identity from a place of integrity, strength and self-determination. This is achieved within the generative domain of being, wherein we do not merely survive; rather, we thrive, creating a future that is congruent with our authentic selves.

The Save A Warrior experience, therefore, is more than an intervention; it is a journey of self-discovery and transformation, driven by the power of one’s narrative and the resilience of the human spirit.

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