Joe Robb (Cohort 0109) served in the U.S. Army from 2002-2005 as an infantryman. During his 15 month combat deployment to Iraq from 2003-2004, Joe was afflicted with intense moral injury from witnessing the deaths of many civilians and children. After his medical discharge in 2005, Joe was unable to manage the emotions and memories of what happened during his deployment and found himself struggling with alcoholism, substance abuse, and persistent suicidal thoughts

Joe got sober through a 12-step program in 2017, but still had daily suicidal thoughts until he attended Save A Warrior in 2020. Since his Cohort, Joe hasn’t had a single thought of suicide, and spends much of his free time helping others recover from substance abuse through various 12-step programs, sponsoring other men, and volunteering his time helping Veterans and First Responders achieve sobriety so they may continue to transform their lives and heal from their trauma.

Joe lives in Michigan with his amazing wife, Betsy, and his two daughters, Avrey and Elizabeth.

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