Larry Turner (Cohort 058) served in the U.S. Army as an Armor Crewman in the 1/73rd Armor Battalion from 1985 to 1987. After returning home to Ohio, he served in the Columbus Division of Police until his retirement in 2016. Larry was greatly impacted by the loss of a good friend and fellow officer that he served with at the Columbus Division of Police. He made it his new mission to honor his friend by giving back to the community. This led Larry to speaking at many events and even developing a bourbon that he would sell in honor of his friend that was aged by the number of days of his badge number. He opened the Killbuck Creek Distillery that year that he continues to own and operate today.

In that time Larry started on his own healing journey and found himself in a seat at Save a Warrior. He says the most significant thing he has ever experienced was the discovery of himself during his cohort. Since then he has spoken at many events and turned his distillery into a shrine that memorializes the sacrifice of Military Veterans and First Responders alike. He has been able to help a great many people find healing. And shares with everyone who goes to his distillery of the amazing gift that he got at Save a Warrior. Larry officially joined the Save A Warrior rostering team in 2020.

The team at Save a Warrior knows Larry as more than a moonshiner, but as a wise elder and spiritual mentor. Larry and his wife Sue give so much of their time giving back to others and supporting this organization in so many ways. He’s a husband, father, and grandfather.

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