Rosa (Cohort 015) recently retired from the Los Angeles City Fire Department after 35 years of service. While in the position of Arson Investigator, Rosa served as both firefighter and armed law enforcement. During her last 11 years with the department, Rosa was assigned to a joint terrorism task force, where she trained with and worked under the Federal Bureau of Investigation as a federal marshal. As a testament to her dedication to duty and a deep-seated commitment to excellence, Rosa was selected as the 2017 Los Angeles City Firefighter of the Year.

Rosa’s desire to serve others is both deep-rooted and life-long. While she found her work with the fire department greatly fulfilling, Rosa has now turned her focus to her passion – being of service. Rosa believes that she has much to offer those who struggle by serving as a wounded healer. She credits her experience in SAW cohorts as having changed her life and is dedicated to guiding others through this life-changing/life-saving program in any way she can so that others may realize their inner healing and freedom.

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