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Dr. Jon Minter (Cohort 048) served on active duty in the US Army during the height of the Cold War in West Germany and in particular West Berlin. He was Chief of Emergency Services and Ambulatory Patient Care for the Berlin MEDDAC. Dr. Minter also provided direct medical support for a covert (recently declassified) Special Operations Unit in Berlin, the Physical Security Support Element. In addition, he provided emergency medical training and support for the USMLM (United States Military Liaison Mission) which was co-located in West Berlin and in former East German Potsdam.

Following his active duty service he became an Orthopedic surgeon. His interest in Save A Warrior was borne out of a strong desire to offer more to veterans than what surgery could accomplish. Simply put, he wanted to be a part of a team with the chief object of healing the wounded heart.

His family has a long lineage of service in both the military and first responder categories. He has been married to his wife for over 33 years and has three children in which he is intensely proud.

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